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You want to know who the best salesman in the world is? It is a 3 year old kid. Young children just don’t take no for an answer. If there is something they want they are willing to ask over and over for it, bat their eyelashes, make cute little faces, and if necessary through a fit, until Mom or Dad folds. Does this make them bad kids? Hard headed? Not really; it makes them tenacious.

MUSKIn the new book Elon Musk, about the billionaire and co-founder of Tesla, Spacex, Paypal, and Solar City, the author, Ashlee Vance writes that she asked Musk dozens of times for permission to write his biography, and he repetitively said, “No”.  After seeing her persistence however, Musk invited Vance to dinner and then agreed to cooperate with her and grant her all the access she needed to write her new book about him. Tenacity and that never quit attitude paid off.

Consider a puppy for just a moment. If you are lucky enough to have ever owned or played with a puppy you no doubt will know that a puppy is willing to play tug of war until they can literally no longer stand on their own four paws. It is not uncommon to see young pups play their little hearts out until the point of exhaustion, until they literally fall over asleep. As business men and women he have to have that same tenacity! Our brick and mortar, our martial arts schools, or our business place online, has to be our tug o’ war toy. In order to be conquer, we have to be willing to dig our heels in and work until everyone else is ready to quit.
We have to stay tenacious in the pursuit of our desires!


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  1. I really started laughing at one point. But, it’s all good.

  2. High quality of information. Initially, I believed your post was too much time, but it surely needed the length.

  3. mintfy says:

    Found your internet site on Facebook, great post. Will share again.

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