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By Chip Townsend » Blog, Uncategorized

I hate to complain, but…

Not too long ago someone posted a video of a young martial artist on Facebook, and it caught my eye (which is not too hard because I only have one). The guy in the video has four targets lined up, one over the other, and he does an incredibly snappy jump spinning kick combination…Reverse twist kick, round house kick, reverse hook kick, and ANOTHER round house all in the air!! The focus bags in the video sound like a short burst of machine gun fire. There is no doubt this young man has been training for a very long time, and is certainly becoming masterful in his skills.

When I saw this video I was pumped. It was the kind of video that makes you want to kick off your shows and run out on the mat for a work out. BUT…then I started reading the comments on the video…

“Wow, this is awesome…… too bad he did not do it from a REAL fighting stance”

This was only the first of many negative comments, amongst some positive. Others were saying things like, “This would never work in a fight”, and “That combination would not work in the real world”, and on and on. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Isn’t this disgusting? Who cares if the combination is applicable in a fight? The young man has incredible athletic ability, furthermore the video was motivational, and inspiring. Why do people feel it is necessary to tear these things apart?

My thoughts…….It’ just plain easier to pull others down to your level than it is to rise to the level of others that put in work.
If you do not like a video someone puts on line that is fine, but if you want to criticize and critique it you need to get off of your butt, step up to the plate and do the same combination while in a real fighting stance and post it. Stop making excuses and whining about what other people can do that you cannot, stop tearing down the people around you. The time you spend trolling, you could be bettering yourself, for the good of yourself and everyone around you.

Have a great day and get to work!



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