ted talk

I would like to tell you that hiring me to speak at your next keynote will be the best decision you could possibly make, but I would be lying. The truth is, if you hire me to speak at your event, your future events will never be the same. When I go up on stage; I have every intention of melting the faces off of your audience with common sense leadership and entrepreneurial insights that will have your team sitting on the edge of their seats.

When it comes to being onstage, I have broken world records, broken bones (most of the time they were my own), and broken down barriers preventing titanic growth in the leadership of large and small scale businesses alike. I have never left an event where the audience was unsatisfied. Seriously, I get emails from organization leaders for years after I have left their event, telling me how my keynotes have changed their organization for the better.

So you want to rock this years event? Fill out this form and let me know when I need to be there.


Send request for speaking to likeachampbooking@gmail.com



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